Monday, July 2, 2007

Sedona Magic..

At sunset I hiked in the raging 90+ degree heat of Sedona up to Cathedral Rock and through the notch to the back of the Mace for moonrise photos. Sedona, for all the over-the-top hype, does offer some amazing moments. I had the place all to myself as soon as the moon rose--only one dumb enough to be out alone and without a headlamp an hour from the trailhead up crazy slickrock. It was worth two days of pulling out various species of cactus thorns. Being out and alone in such a place is a magical experience.

37--dragonflys and lizards

37 was how old i turned yesterday. Epic birthday, spent with the best person ever--Dana! A bit of a manic day, harnessed of course--fitting. Half day canyoneeering, a new endeavor and a good taste of what to expect as a newbie. Bailed out after a mile or so as we were not finding the clean, clear water we had hoped to lounge in--the monsoons need to flush out the stagnant toilet of James Canyon, swimming through it, or crawling through the poison ivy alternative was not that appealing. Spent the remainder of the day lounging in Oak Creek with cool water cascading over us. I shot lizards and dragonflys with the macro (see attached pics). Ahhh....