Monday, June 22, 2015

Learning to Dance...

Learning to dance involves all the senses... Whether it is dancing with light to create an image, dancing across steep stone, or dance with a partner. 

When we engage something new, we need to first to learn to see the connection the dancer has with her chosen medium. Then we must feel the activity from the inside out - to move in new directions - to find that hidden flow and discern the hidden rhythm so that we can at once both follow and lead. The action becomes dance when it thrums and pulses through our blood, a synaptic firing. 

Sparked perhaps by the synesthesia from the smell of chalk and granite and the taste of salty sea air creating a remembered twitches in muscle fibers. It begins... A pas des deux between body and mind, eyes and heart, shadow and light, a merging of idea and focus... A playful creation of disparate elements creating a singular wholeness.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Wilderness of Copenhagen

I get lost quickly wandering the wilderness of a new city on another continent...

Engaging a new language, foods, culture, history, geography and transiting via bicycle with new traffic rules - make it awesome to have a patient and dedicated guide...

Image ©Corinne Eenschooten