Monday, April 18, 2016

Spain Climbing, Costa Blanca: Photo Essay


9 pitches up on a sea cliff, 7.5 kilometers across a ridge, climbing out a sea cave, watching the colors shift as the daylight fades...

Olta and the Peñon

Ryan climbing out of Parley, one of the top 10 routes of all time with its freehanging rappel

Luke on a 7a at Castallet de Calp
Sierra de Toix...

Crossing the Bernia Ridge, 7.5 km. Ryan soloed it barefoot.
The Peñon de Ifach, Calp, 300 meters high
The Puig Campana, 15 pitches and more

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Parley: Spanish Sea Cliff Photo Essay

Sometimes we need to parley - with ourselves, with gravity... To disappear to some wild coast.

Sea caves, sea cliffs, sunshine and the distant Spanish shores have called for a while now and I am answering it. Costa Blanca is home to thousands of climbs, many trad routes on the limestone that can be hundreds of meters high in spots.

Sunburn, nesting territorial gulls and the sparkling sea...

The routes often require total focus - placing tiny nuts, wobbly cams, clipping rusted and untrustworthy bolts and sunbleached and frayed threads on wild traveses with sea spray coating you with its saltiness. Steeply overhanging pockets and curious jams and locks to carry you above the sparkling void.

A good mindgame to keep one connected and never straying far from the eternal moment.

All images ©Bennett Barthelemy April, 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016

Every Day: A photo essay...

My new year seems to always begin as I feel spring coming back into my bones... The snows are melting, the wind has less bite, the days become brighter. A time for reflection, a time to appreciate what the chances taken, have returned. Here are a few images that for me really capture this journey through time. The reminder for me is to find and celebrate something every day.

Maybe it is the way natural light falls across a transient shape in a seemingly static landscape. Perhaps it is conveying the conviction and belief that indigenous activists bring with them to the world stage and the promise of a better life through awareness. It could be the dream of the next alpine ascent and the promised return to a mountain range I love. Or the synesthesia of the dream that will not die from a vicarious feeling that the right image evokes...

These are all things worth celebrating, worth finding again and realizing - every day.