Sunday, February 28, 2016

Exposure Therapy in España

Back beneath grey skies again but my suntan and smile will take a while to fade.

Always good to get a little exposure therapy in winter - sun and verticality... 

Always amazing to get to witness your partner becoming more confident and passing milestones - First lead climbs, first rappels, first mulit-pitch sea cliff, first time on limestone, first retreat off of a loose trad route, first time rapping to the end of a rope several feet off the deck, first simul-climb, first solo knife-edge ridge traverse, first time climbing and shooting with a camera. Perhaps the most impressive is surviving living in a tent for a week and sharing a kitchen with a dozen dirtbag climbers for the first time. 

I am amazed and realize what a gumby I was my first couple decades of climbing when my partner realizes all this just a few months into her climbing career - and in just a week.

all images ©Bennett Barthelemy, unless otherwise indicated...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Crack Climbing Workshop in Copenhagen!!!

Hey all -

I will be teaching crack climbing workshop (intro to misery) in Copenhagen in March. If you will be local please come join. It will be here Blocs and Walls.

There where be a slideshow presentation of my images from lots of magical trad venues from around the globe - and free band-aids for all who finish the course.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Kullen Winter Trad

Getting my acculturation into Scandinavian climbing... Not complaining so far. A few visual impressions from the day out yesterday...

Photos and video ©Bennett Barthelemy