Saturday, November 29, 2014

Latest Feature... Splintered Coalescence

Most recent feature in Southern California Mag, Ojai Quarterly... Written last month on my iPhone whilst in a Wollongong coffee shop... Due out on the US streets any day...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Zealand Seasons

Chris Sierzant spotted by Libbi Gibson at Castle Hill, two ridiculously fun people to spend a bit of time with! - Image Copyright Bennett Barthelemy
 So many awesome moments here in Oceana... The locals say you can have all four seasons in a day in late spring and that is holding true for us - sometimes within an hour... Wild surf, mind-blowingly scenic settings for climbing mixed with incredibly friendly locals. NZ is a sweet destination. So much to write about and photos share... but will have to wait till stateside again in a couple weeks...
The mythical backroads of New Zealand's North Island - just don't tell the rental agency... - Image Copyright Bennett Barthelemy


Friday, November 14, 2014

Australia Part II

 As we wind our way down the North Island of New Zealand it is the geography - what it doesn't hide in its folds and fissures -  that is the striking contrast. This island is the land of rain, and green. No snakes and spiders to worry about as we wander into the black of night in search of glow worms across Miles' - a local dairy farmer's - back paddock - The 6 bulls he keeps here for his breeding for his 300 odd dairy cows and the squishy-slippy cow paddies keep me alert.

Australia was somewhat monochromatic with its 600 plus species of gum trees but rich in crazy creatures that wandered across the endless highway miles and through and over the parched outback. While camping at Arapiles, with a headlamp, a thousand flourescent green huntsmen spider eyes would stare back at you from beneath the scrub. Laughing Kookaburras and Major Mitchell cockatoos would awaken you at dawn with raucous birdsong.Grey roos would congregate and unabashedly hop around the gum trees at sunset.

Definitely looking forward to a return to Oz and reconnecting the good people met along the several thousand KMs from Newcastle to Melbourne... Also looking forward to uploading the crush of photos from the Grampians, the Araps, Mt. Buffalo and beyond...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Awesome Aussies

Lucy checking the surf in Newcastle
Been a whirlwind here in the land down under... Amazed at the hospitality of so many awesome Aussies... Mike and I would be eating wiggety grubs by now if it wasn't for so many great people met along the way that have let us crash on their floors and couches, boats - and submitted to letting us take photos, sharing  ropes and waves with us... Hope I can repay the favor someday if anyone makes it across the Pacific!

Here are some shots from the first couple week of our mis-adventures...

Mike Calabro making friends

Professional tri-athlete Julina at Mereweather

Carole rapping another classic Grampians frightfest with overhangs and offwidth pods

Byron and crew at Palm Beach
Crab about to fly, Newcastle
Lynne and the Sydney Opera House
Captain Alan
Bibi finding some sweet lines for us in the Blue Mountains